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Freedom Universal Bank (FU Bank)
4 min readNov 11, 2020

Don Quixote has always been a character that resonates strongly with me and my values. His ideas and nobility were cast as insane, but the essence of Don Quixote still stands strong in today’s society. Individuals can be right while society is quite wrong.

We have been living in a society where corporations, wealth and corrupt politicians are running the world. Where regular people are struggling from payday to payday, stuck in a world that was designed to make them fail, a world that keeps their income low, their potential for success small. When I think of these barriers that stand in the way of so many strong, intelligent individuals I get frustrated at the people and things that run the system we are all in. I try not to let the anger fester, and instead use that energy to make a change, to be the change I want to happen in the world.

When obstacles stand in my way there is one quote that sticks with me, throughout this battle to making things right — “The scariest dragons and the fiercest giants usually turn out to be no more than windmills.” (Don Quixote) Yes, we have been living in this system for far too long, but systems have been changed in the past and will change in the future. It is not so big that we cannot overcome and change it. To prove that something can be different, it is important to create a better system and not just destroy the old one. That is what we do with the Freedom Universal Bank.

In 2018, America’s top banks made $100 billion in profit. Profit. Not revenue. Profit.

That’s right. After expenses, electricity, and telephone bills are paid for, after the board gets their bonuses, after those glittering skyscrapers are paid for, what’s left is pure profit. $100 billion, resting, making the banks richer and the users poorer.

When is the last time you’ve enjoyed an encounter with your bank? Seeing a ‘service charge’ on your bank statement or a bill for some nonsense? Tried reaching out to get some help or clarification and you’re met with ‘bank policies and procedures’? Banking doesn’t need to be as painful and soul-destroying as it currently is.

When I began earning money, generating an income to pay for my education, I worked primarily in the music and hospitality industry. I was in the business of making people smile, giving people happiness. When I graduated from education and it was deemed ‘time for a real job’ I transferred into the finance sector. I tried to keep that same level of happiness for customers, however, throughout the financial sector, I saw people losing hope, giving up on the systems that surround us, that control the way we live. The dream of a better future was fading and dying for too many people.

The majority of people are facing multiple struggles:

· Living paycheck-to-paycheck,

· Poverty,

· Homelessness,

· Workforce automation,

· Student loans,

· The inability to buy a first home,

· Gig economies and all that entails,

· Lack of health insurance,

· Rising education cost,

· Homemakers, Nurses, Police, Teachers and community volunteers all who are vital services being undervalued

· Falling financial independence, and more topped with the wealth inequality which hampers economic growth for everyone.

The wealthy few have a disproportionate influence over public policy, job mobility, and stagnating wages. There is a clear way to take back the power, to generate a fair income base for everyone. Universal Basic Income (UBI) is not a utopia, it’s not something that needs to be part of an idyllic world, it can be part of our world, of our society today.

As part of the Freedom Universal Bank, we will take the majority of our profits and divide them between our contributors, creating a UBI for all service users. The profits the bank makes are reinvested back into the people, into their dreams, as a set income they know is coming to them each month.

Hopelessness is rising but we can’t let it win. We can’t continue to be crushed by the tiny proportion of wealth in the world. We need to make a change. We need to create a better system.

“For neither good nor evil can last for ever; and so it follows that as evil has lasted a long time, good must now be close at hand.”

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Freedom Universal Bank (FU Bank)

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