Billionaires, Millionaires, Corporations — You Can Make A Difference; You Can Change The Status Quo

Freedom Universal Bank (FU Bank)
4 min readMay 12, 2021


When we say F.U. Bank is for everyone, we mean it.

It’s not just for a couple of revolutionaries fighting to change the world as we know it. F.U. Bank is for literally every person who uses a bank account. Whether you make $200, $2000, $200,000, or $2 million a month, you can make a difference; you can change the status quo of banking. F.U. Bank helps to minimize wasted money on bank fees, putting that money back into your pocket and that of your community.

Let us clarify something. We are not a charity. We are not anti-capitalism. We simply believe in doing things a little differently than how they are done right now.

Choosing a bank that supports UBI as a corporation, large company, or successful business person can permanently transform the way you do business.

By choosing a bank that offers an equal dividend for all members, you put more money in the consumer’s hands, which means that you are giving people the option to spend money on the things they want. Ultimately, you are generating sales for companies, corporations, and — yourself. By being part of F.U. Bank, you are generating extra cash for all.

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And, what do people do with the extra money? They spend it!

Through a Universal Basic Income, we are leveling the playing field for all. A win-win-win for society as a whole. While F.U. Bank offers opportunities for the general public to receive more money, generating a disposable income for the people at large, it inevitably provides further sales for every company and corporation, every business looking for customers. And where do you think these customers will choose to spend their money? With the company that banks with F.U Bank, as they know that their support of your company will in turn be supporting themselves.

As a person with money, publicly choosing a bank that is notorious for helping everyone, improves personal reputation and reduces the vilification of the well-off and successful as a whole.

In these small but significant actions, you show you genuinely care for others’ well-being, for their potential for success.

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The benefits are endless. Think of it this way, as an employer, a UBI generating bank helps relieve your workers’ stress and tension. As people scramble paycheck to paycheck, they don’t care about the quality of their work; they just want to get it done and get SOMETHING done. This mindset doesn’t set a solid foundation for any workforce.

A UBI removes the pressure employees put on you for bonuses, payouts, and unnecessary spendings. It stabilizes your employees so that they can walk on their own two feet and walk proudly through the doors of your company, ready to serve you and your clients. Where they once dragged their feet, they now stand tall and proud, where they once saw an unfair divide, they now see an opportunity to connect.

UBI is the answer to many of the problems we all face as a society — naturally, for different reasons. While it removes the pressure on those that are less well-off, it works to relieve the tensions for the wealthier in society, too. It builds a connection between each person, each walk of life. It effortlessly improves the reputation of any company or person who supports wealth for the masses, not just a few.

Better yet, F.U. Bank functions just like any other bank. When you want to deposit money, you deposit money. When you want to withdraw funds, you can withdraw funds — all hassle-free. The simple, significant difference is the good we do with the money generated. We don’t put it straight into the pocket of the bank shareholders. Instead, we divide and conquer — a little for all, some extra disposable income for every member of society. Doing our bit to do good is what drives us, doing what we can to improve systems as a whole.

Employee or employer. Individual or corporation. Wealthy or struggling. There is something for everyone at the F.U. Bank.

We can make the changes necessary once we all support a system that is build for the many, not the few.



Freedom Universal Bank (FU Bank)

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