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Freedom Universal Bank (FU Bank)
4 min readOct 24, 2019


In 2018, the 3 biggest banks in the USA, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan made over 81 billion in net income. That net income is after they pay over 75 billion in compensation and bonuses to their staff. By “staff”, we don’t mean the regular clerk workers, the hard-working people on the desk dealing directly with the public, no, of course not, those bonuses go directly to the upper management, the already wealthy.

But where are all those profits coming from? Us, of course. Think about it. Any other industry in the world needs raw materials to function. Depending on the industry they need metals, plastics, fabrics, irons — you name it. When you buy the newest in technology, yes, you’re buying the name on that brand but the money you exchange also makes sense. That company needs to buy the metals, the wiring, the plastics to make up that model, they need to pay their workers to design and build it and they need to pay for transportation of the good and so on. The exchange of money makes sense, you pay for an item, you get the item.

Banks don’t work like that. We willingly deposit our money with them, they charge us a fee for it. We want to use our own money that is being stored in our account, they charge us a fee for it. The added money that we give them, they, in turn, lend it to people looking for a loan and then, yes, you got it, charge them a fee for that too.

Yet, a bank doesn’t use any raw materials apart from our money. They don’t need anything for their system to function, they just need your money and a digital wonderland to store it, upper management to name their number for you to be able to use this ‘service’ so that the upper management and the shareholders can share the profits and do it all again to each individual that needs a place to store their hard-earned income or loan some money to get capital to begin their business, build their home or otherwise.

Of course, when we look closer at the bank, they don’t tell you this. They say they ‘give back’ to their loyal customers. They don’t consider your money to be their raw materials, the bread and butter of their business model. Yet as a distraction to us, they claim to willingly pay us interest as a benefit for storing our cash with them, right? As a “thank you”, in 2018 Bank of America paid its depositors 0.09% per year for the use of their money. That’s not even 1%. Let’s break that down real quick. You give the bank $100, in the whole year they pay you 9 cents for the use of your $100. So, you say, what of it? At least you’re getting something back, right? 9 cents is better than nothing!

If only. Let’s put it this way. If you worked 10 hours a day, then by the bank mentality of fair payment for raw materials, you would get 0.09% for your time, as an employer I only have to pay you for 32 seconds of that 10-hour shift.

“Oh. I start to see what you mean”, I hear you say? “But how are they getting away with that?” Well, because this capitalistic system has been the norm since the beginning of banks, where profit returns to the rich and the poor, or middle class, continue to coast along never earning more than they are allowed by the upper elite. Why are we standing for this? Why don’t we stand up to the banks and say no?

That’s what Freedom United Bank (FU Bank) is all about. We are creating a better system to prove the old system is flawed, corrupt and only beneficial to the wealthy. By charging no more than a regular bank for its services, Freedom United takes the profits and gives it back to its depositors, it’s collaborators, to the bank users. We are saying F.U. to the wealthy, F.U. to the banks for taking our money for all these years. We are committed to changing the system, rewarding our community with a universal basic income and channeling the money profited towards creating a more social system for the many to benefit, not the few.

Say hello to FU Bank, the only bank that will pay its depositors an Unconditional Basic income in the form of a monthly Depositors Dividend.

FU Bank is fair.

FU Bank is inclusive.

FU Bank is the future.

Join the movement.



Freedom Universal Bank (FU Bank)

The only bank that provides a universal basic income. Creating a better system for the many, not the few. Join our movement. Challenge the status quo.